6x9” Mid-Range Loudspeaker With Bullet and Grill 275W RMS 4-Ohm

Step into a world of sound with the DS18 PRO-X694BM 6x9” Mid-Range Loudspeaker with Bullet. Whether you're a serious audiophile or just someone who loves music, these speakers deliver an unparalleled audio experience that will leave you amazed.
With its strong midrange and crystal-clear high frequencies, the PRO-X694BM provides a concert-like audio experience that will make you feel like you're in the front row. Say goodbye to distortion and hello to powerful, rich sound that will keep you dancing all night long.
One of the standout features of the PRO-X694BM is its 1.5” 4-ohms voice coil, which can handle high heat temperatures without breaking a sweat. This means you can enjoy your favorite music at high volumes for extended periods of time without worrying about damaging your speakers.
The high 98dB sensitivity of the PRO-X694BM also means you can turn up the volume without any distortion, while the 65Hz to 12KHz frequency provides richer and more accurate tones that any music lover will immediately notice.
Not only are the PRO-X694BM speakers powerful and reliable, but they're also built to last. With a magnet weight of 30 oz and a mounting depth of 3.35”, these speakers are designed to withstand the test of time and deliver high-quality sound for years to come.
If you're looking for a powerful and reliable midrange loudspeaker, the DS18 PRO-X694BM is the perfect choice. Order yours today and experience music like never before!